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01. Founded 

Founded in 2009, the company is a professional supplier of electronic products and creative electronic products in the industry, and has gradually developed into a leader in the overall solution of electronic products creative.


Our Strategic


02. Foresight 

With keen market sense of smell, excellent innovative concept, unique product design and strict production technology, let the company in the market unique school.


In 2017, it was merged into Schneider and became the core enterprise of the group's electronic product creative business section.

In 2020, it will be renamed as "Wangao Power" to better integrate related resources of the Group and strive to build the company into a leader in electronic creative products and industry solutions.


Excellent innovative ideas


From a global perspective, more than 95% of the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese enterprises is still in the development stage. After decades of accumulation of original funds, the output value of enterprises has gone up and they have money, but the brand influence behind them is declining. This upstart business strategy is vulnerable in front of the world's dominant brands. No one to doubt McDonald's, Mercedes cars; One hundred years after the development of the state, the truth is clear, this is the brand effect. Look at the past from now, never look at the road of growth now at the foot of the heart in the cloud top.


Unique Product Design

Our Service


Now popular in society a word called "good faith", we hang on the mouth every day to talk about good faith cooperation, and even the government management agencies to make the good faith golden plaque sold to enterprises, hanging on the wall outside the door to explain their good faith, the reality is really so? I believe you know more than I do how much you haggard your heart and how much you suffer from the Chinese craftiness in the process of cooperation.


The numbness of the Chinese people is so keen on it, alas! From today on, we need to put our mutual trust into action and improve our personal quality. Let mutual trust become the minimum standard of life.


Company Strength

 Is a professional supplier of electronic products and creative display products in the industry


Stable, efficient and standardized management system


Advanced equipment, technology and mature process


Rich industrial experience and ability


Strong investment, development and project operation management


Establish strategic relationships with world-renowned organizations


Fast and high quality pre-sale and after-sales service


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Our sincere cooperation, professional escort, guarantee the project from planning to completion of every link.

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